Dale M. Herder

Societies and nations from the beginning of time have always been beset by conflicts and terrorist threats of some magnitude. America has suffered several, especially during wartime. more

This is an extraordinary book! in 97 short pages Dale Herder takes a significant step in assembling a practical strategy for responding to the 9/11 catastrophe. more

In the tradition of the founding fathers, Dr. Herder has written a powerful history and civics lesson which should be required reading in all of our educational institutions. more

Here is America at its best-an unbiased and brilliantly written book on how the United States should "react by acting" after the 9/11 terrorist attack. more

With the U.S.A. playing such a dominant international role, it is important for every one of us, and especially non-Americans, to understand what this complex and controversial superpower really is trying to do. more

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